StealthLock photos StealthLock 1st Keyless, Invisible Cabinet Locking System Click to watch the StealthLock intro video
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  • Keyless cabinet locking system using radio frequency technology
  • One transmitter pad can operate a single or multiple receiver latches
  • Transmitter pad operates within a 15ft range
  • Operates with separate and programmable user and supervisor codes
  • User programmable with optional modes of operation for single use or self lock
  • Works with wood, phenolic resin and glass material
  • Read more about the features and functions of StealthLock

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What is StealthLock®

StealthLock® – an innovative keyless cabinet lock operated by radio frequency technology.

Perfect for cabinets and lockers used in:

StealthLock applications: healthcare


StealthLock applications: residential / closet


StealthLock applications: locker


StealthLock applications: office


StealthLock® Features & Functions

  • Transmitter pad operates within a 15 ft. range
  • One transmitter pad can activate an unlimited number of receiver latches
  • Separate user and supervisor codes (four to eight digits) to operate the lock(s)
  • Receiver latch is easily programmed by user through the transmitter pad
  • Receiver latch mounts within ½" drawer suspension clearance
  • Uses readily available batteries: 4-AAA (not included) for the receiver latch and a CR2032 coin battery (included) for the transmitter pad
  • Low battery indicator on transmitter pad
  • For interior use only – recommended temperature range of 50°F to 120°F

StealthLock installation diagram


  • Lockers
  • Closet cabinets and storage
  • Kitchen cabinets, liquor cabinets,
    entertainment units
  • Audio visual cabinets
  • Office furniture
  • Reception & Conference furniture
  • Healthcare cabinetry
  • Retail display cabinets

Versions available

  • Standard – Allows any transmitter pad to operate any receiver latch. Standard mode can be used in most general office or residential applications.
  • Dedicated – This factory programmed feature mates a transmitter pad to a receiver latch or latches by way of a unique transmitter ID. Ideal for assigned lockers or when users are within close proximity of each other.

Modes available on both versions

  • Self-Lock Mode – Allows the user to program the receiver latch to automatically re-lock 10 seconds after unlocking.
  • Passage/Manual Lock Mode (factory default) – User must manually lock.
  • Single Use Mode – Allows the user to choose their code at time of operation. Single Use Mode is recommended for shared or day use lockers or cabinets.

StealthLock transmitter pad and receiver latch diagrams: transmitter pad is 3.375 inches wide by 1.500 inches tall and receiver latch is 6.7855 inches wide, 2.670 inches tall and .437 inches thick


Part Number



version only)

Retail kit including:
1 receiver latch
1 transmitter pad
1 cabinet strike plate
1 installation tool

Contains all parts necessary to lock one door or drawer.

version only)

Kit including:
1 receiver latch
1 cabinet strike plate

Needed to lock each additional door or drawer operated by existing transmitter pad**

** For example: To lock a two-door system using one transmitter pad, one SL-100 and one RL-110 are needed.



Part Number



Receiver latch only


Transmitter pad only


Cabinet strike plate


Installation tool


Dedicated transmitter pad


Mounting plate, satin nickel; other finishes available

* The StealthLock may be used in households to help protect minors from unsafe materials.