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Where to buy StealthLock®

To locate a reseller or dealer in your area, please contact one of the following Security Hardware or Woodworking wholesalers of your choice or call CompX Timberline at 847.752.2600.

Where to Buy StealthLock - Security Hardware wholesalers Where to Buy StealthLock - Woodworking wholesalers

Security Hardware wholesalers - US

Accredited Lock Supply
Phone number: 800.652.2835
Area served: East Coast
Branch Locations: Secaucus, NJ

Anixter / Clark Security Products
Phone number: 800.854.2088
Area served: US
Branch Locations: Silver Spring, MD; Shrewsbury, MA; Orlando, FL; Lexington, KY; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Phoenix, AZ; San Diego, CA; Sacramento, CA; Seattle, WA

Doyle Security Products
Phone number: 800.333.6953
Area served: Upper Midwest
Branch Locations: Minneapolis, MN
Phone number: 877.439.5377
Area served: Buy online at

Hans Johnsen Company
Phone number: 214.879.1555
Area served: Texas
Branch Locations: Dallas, TX

Herbert L. Flake Co., Ltd.
Phone number: 800.231.4105
Area served: Texas
Branch Locations: Houston, TX

IDN-Armstrong's Inc.
Phone number: 800.726.3332
Area served: Southeast
Branch Locations: Atlanta, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; Nashville, TN; Richmond, VA; Orlando, FL; Raleigh, NC; Tampa, FL

IDN-H Hoffman, Inc.
Phone number: 800.323.1918
Area served: Midwest
Branch Locations: Chicago, IL; Cincinnati, OH; Columbus, OH; Davenport / Quad Cities, IA; Grand Rapids, MI; Addison, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, MO; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Omaha, NE; St. Louis, MO

Intermountain Lock and Security Supply
Phone number: 800.453.5386
Area served: Rocky Mountains and West
Branch Locations: Salt Lake City, UT; Denver, CO; Las Vegas, NV; Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, CA

Locks Co.
Phone number: 800.288.0801
Area served: Southeast
Branch Locations: Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA

Security Hardware wholesalers - Canada

Hardware Agencies, Ltd.
Phone number: 800-268-6741
Area served: Eastern Canada
Branch Locations: Toronto, ON

IDN-Canada, Inc.
Phone number: 800.268.1306
Area served: Canada - All
Branch Locations: Burlington, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Montréal, Québec; Ottawa, Ontario; Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia

Jovan Security Products
Phone number: 888.752.7210
Area served: Eastern Canada
Branch Locations: Toronto, ON
Phone number: 416-936-8504
Area served: Canada
Branch Locations: Courtice, Ontario

Serrubec Inc.
Phone number: 800.361.0243
Area served: Quebec Province
Branch Locations: Dorval, QU

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